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Swimming Pool Safety Tips

A backyard swimming pool not only offers a wonderful source of fun and exercise but provides a gathering place for friends and family time. Swimming can also be a great learning opportunity with games that incorporate counting, searching, organizing, and strategy. However, swimming pools can be dangerous. Keep Your Children Safe in the Pool This … Continued

The Benefits of Signing Up for Baseball

As parents, we’re eager to enroll our kids in sports, clubs, and activities, but we often wonder what they are getting out of these time-consuming programs. You might be surprised by the many benefits of something as popular, fun, and simple as playing baseball! The Impact of Sports on Child Development Improve Teamwork Skills – … Continued

Solve Winter Boredom with Storytime

The winters in Western New York tend to be long, cold, and snowy. There are a lot of days when spending any length of time outdoors is difficult or even impossible, which means kids tend to get bored in the house and can become a bit stir-crazy after a while. Reading With Your Children One … Continued

Giving Thanks For All You Have

In our modern world, developing and practicing constructive social and emotional skills is more important than ever. Combining action and mindfulness, you create a more positive environment and future for yourself and your family. Did you know that being thankful can improve your health and build solid relationships? Express Thanks this November! November is the … Continued

Summer Safety Tips

Living in Western New York, we wait a long time for the sunshine and blue skies of summer. The warmer weather is a great opportunity for fun activities such as cookouts, travel, swimming, and biking. Safe practices minimize risks and keep children happy and healthy. Here are some helpful safety tips for an enjoyable and … Continued

Harmful Side Effects of Overly Dry Air

When the temperature drops and it’s time to start up the heater, chapped lips and static shock are the inevitable signs of winter. However, they’re also the first signs of overly dry indoor air. Your child’s health is significantly impacted by air quality, and proper humidity levels are essential in keeping the immune system strong. … Continued

Tips for Good Winter Health For Your Children

Keeping your children healthy is always a priority. As the weather turns colder, coughs, sneezing, and sniffles can become all too frequent, so it’s always a good idea to take precautions. Tips to Keep Your Kids Healthy This Winter: Make sure your child is well-versed in proper hand washing techniques and cough etiquette. Teach children … Continued

Should Kids Play in the Rain?

The spring season is well-known for rainy days. Kids tend to get cranky when kept inside and denied much needed exercise. But guess what? You don’t need to worry about your children getting sick when they get wet. A healthy diet and regular exercise routine creates a strong enough immune system to defend against even … Continued

Can Exposure to Germs Actually Be A Good Thing?

Children under the age of three can be expected to catch between six and eight colds a year. They are exposed to viruses for the first time, and their inexperienced immune systems simply aren’t able to kill them as effectively. And since younger kids aren’t bothered by a runny nose, the virus often ends up … Continued

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