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Skiing and Snowboarding Provides Lots of Benefits

The snow and cold have arrived and are here to stay for a while. Add some excitement to the long winter season by hopping on a ski lift and riding to the top of one of the many hills in the local area. The gorgeous views, the thrill of the trip down the mountain, and pride in the accomplishment are all part of the adventure. Skiing and snowboarding are sports kids can try and learn at a young age. Along with having a tremendous amount of fun, there are a great many developmental and health rewards.

  • Improve body awareness – Kids need to be aware of the position of their body and learn how to use arms, shoulders, hips, legs, and feet separately and in partnerships with each other for balance and direction.
  • Knowledge of self – Along with understanding the relationship of their body to the space around them, kids also realize their own mental and physical strengths and weaknesses.
  • Foster confidence – There are so many opportunities to achieve! From putting on their own boots and zipping their coat to riding the lift and making it down the hill without a fall, each new accomplishment builds confidence.
  • Strengthen social skills – Kids learn to respect other skiers, how to take turns, become aware of right-of-ways, and can benefit from meeting other skiers, whether standing in line for the lift or during a lesson.
  • Physical fitness – Both skiing and snowboarding are strenuous activities that elevate cardiovascular health, build strength and improve flexibility and balance. These sports are a fun way to be active and stay healthy.
  • Coordination – Core muscles, leg muscles, strength, balance, and coordination are all involved in a successful trip down the hill. With practice, kids steadily improve and the lessons learned help with all of their physical activities.
  • Follow-through – Skiing and snowboarding take practice, patience, and perseverance. Kids learn to get back up when they fall and try again. They take pride in getting better.
  • Feel good – Exercise releases feel-good endorphins that elevate mood and inspire happiness. While these activities are strenuous and exhausting, breathing fresh air, elevating heart rate, and accomplishing a skill improves both health and mood.

As you can see, physical activity has many benefits and there’s nothing better than keeping it going in the winter months!