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Solve Winter Boredom with Storytime

The winters in Western New York tend to be long, cold, and snowy. There are a lot of days when spending any length of time outdoors is difficult or even impossible, which means kids tend to get bored in the house and can become a bit stir-crazy after a while.

Reading With Your Children

One of the best ways to occupy your children is to read with them. Along with being a great chance to spend time together, reading promotes brain development and imagination, improves concentration and vocabulary, and strengthens relationships. You can study pictures in books, encourage your child to read aloud to you, sing songs, read to them, or tell stories. Everything from your family history and culture to fairytales is entertaining and a learning opportunity.

Rhyme, rhythm, and repetition are especially engaging for younger children and introduce sounds, words, and language. You’re initiating early literacy skills and reinforcing the value of books. You can stimulate curiosity, trigger imagination, and differentiate between “make-believe” and “real.”

Through books and stories, children can hear about the world around them and have fun at the same time. Bedtime, bath time, and potty time are ideal opportunities to share a book. Whether your child is tucked under the covers, sitting in a waiting room, or riding in the car, you can make up stories together, be creative, introduce new ideas, and avoid boredom.

Watch Me Grow Daycare Center encourages reading and learning!

Storytime is a special time for parents and their kids as it creates a stronger bond. And it’s never too early to start reading aloud–the sooner the better! Infants love being held and listening to your voice. Hopefully, you’re building a love of reading, learning, and development that will continue throughout your child’s lifetime.