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The Importance of Social Interaction for Kids

Social interaction, whether with adults or peers, is a learning experience for young children. An encouraging, responsive setting provides infants, toddlers, and older children with the opportunity to develop creativity, language skills, social awareness, and confidence. Fostering social skills prepares children to function well in society and enjoy healthier relationships throughout their lifetime. Good manners, … Continued

Can Exposure to Germs Actually Be A Good Thing?

Children under the age of three can be expected to catch between six and eight colds a year. They are exposed to viruses for the first time, and their inexperienced immune systems simply aren’t able to kill them as effectively. And since younger kids aren’t bothered by a runny nose, the virus often ends up … Continued

Children Still Need to Get Outside in the Winter

With the winter cold and snow upon us, it’s tempting to restrict children to indoor play. Safety concerns, the effort of bundling up, and worry over exposure to cold often limit children’s access to exercise and activities during the winter season. How Can Winter Weather Benefit Your Children? However, the cold weather offers benefits to … Continued

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