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How to Prepare Your Child for Reading

Reading is an essential skill that we use every day. You’re reading this sentence right now! When it comes to your child learning how to read, you may be wondering how they can get started and at what age they should be reading words and sentences. For most children, reading really picks up in the … Continued

The Importance of Sleeping with Humidity

With the long, extremely cold winters in , indoor air can become extremely dry. Not only does insufficient humidity make the air feel cooler and lead to higher thermostat settings, but it can also be responsible for itchy skin, persistent cough, sore throat, thirst, and chapped lips. Dried-out nasal passages make us more susceptible to … Continued

Benefits of a Fish Tank

While you might think a fish tank requires too much time and effort, there are some solid reasons why it’s a good idea for kids. Whether a giant saltwater tank or a small goldfish or Betta tank, the maintenance after the initial setup isn’t all that labor-intensive. Plus, your kids will love picking out fish … Continued

Does Your Baby Need a Nightlight?

For the first year of your baby’s life, middle-of-the-night wake-ups are expected. While a nightlight might seem like a necessity, little ones don’t necessarily need one. There are benefits as well as drawbacks to nightlights, but most infants sleep better in the dark. Adding a gentle glow can certainly make it easier to see better … Continued

Avoid Bee Stings

At this time of year in , there are an abundance of bees building nests and visiting the flowers. Protecting your child from bee stings becomes a priority. Stings can be scary, painful and dangerous for anyone with allergies. Fortunately, there are some simple steps to help minimize the risk. Take the time to trim … Continued

Never Leave Your Child in a Hot Car

Summertime is a wonderful time for children and adults alike. Whether we’re heading to the pool or just playing outside, hot weather gives us the chance to enjoy activities we might not otherwise be able to enjoy! However, there are some risks as the temperature rises, so it’s important to stay vigilant about child safety … Continued

Learning to swim

Every child should learn to swim, be confident in the water, and know water survival skills. Although swim lessons don’t eliminate the risk of drowning entirely, they can help prevent tragic water accidents and improve safety around water. Infant aquatic programs can be fun for both babies and parents, but actual swim lessons before the … Continued

The Importance of Sunscreen

Most everyone is aware of the importance of applying sunscreen. However, the majority of people fail to take the complete and essential steps to thoroughly protect children’s skin. Cloudy days, rushing, losing track of time, neglecting to reapply, and the battle to convince your child to hold still are all common issues. However, keeping up … Continued

The Importance of Tummy Time

Tummy time is an opportunity for your baby to play, learn, and develop. In the first few months of life, infants spend the majority of time on their backs, but spending just ten to fifteen minutes per day on their tummy helps to increase strength and motor skills. Tummy time works to build strength in … Continued

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