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Meals and Snacks Should Provide Necessary Nutrients

Young children are often picky eaters, making parents wonder if they should be taking a multivitamin. But typically, healthy kids don’t need them. Megadoses of vitamins and minerals can even prove toxic and interact with medications. Food is a far better source for the nutrients preschoolers need. Why are healthy snacks especially important for your … Continued

What to Look For in an Infant Car Seat

There was a time when we brought our newborn babies home from the hospital cradled in our arms. That first drive home was scary. Fortunately, safety measures have greatly improved. Our vehicles now have seat belts, airbags, anti-lock brakes, traction control, and the LATCH system. The LATCH system was designed to make child-seat installation easier … Continued

Tips for Good Winter Health For Your Children

Keeping your children healthy is always a priority. As the weather turns colder, coughs, sneezing, and sniffles can become all too frequent, so it’s always a good idea to take precautions. Tips to Keep Your Kids Healthy This Winter: Make sure your child is well-versed in proper hand washing techniques and cough etiquette. Teach children … Continued

Building a Successful Parent-Teacher Relationship

A supportive parent-teacher relationship encourages your child’s productivity. A priority of every educator is to form open and positive connections with families. As a parent, it’s also your responsibility to communicate with child care and preschool teachers. When parents become actively involved in their child’s education, there is a much higher child success rate. Most … Continued

Be Vigilant About Potential Food Allergies

Approximately 32 million people in this country suffer from food allergies, including six million children that have been diagnosed. Over the last twenty years, the number of Americans affected has risen by around fifty percent. Peanuts, eggs, milk, wheat, dyes, and over 170 foods have been linked to allergic reactions. Suddenly, lunch and snack time … Continued

Should Kids Play in the Rain?

The spring season is well-known for rainy days. Kids tend to get cranky when kept inside and denied much needed exercise. But guess what? You don’t need to worry about your children getting sick when they get wet. A healthy diet and regular exercise routine creates a strong enough immune system to defend against even … Continued

The Benefits of Daycare for Your Children

Kissing your child goodbye every morning and leaving them at a daycare center can be a bit difficult. Parents sometimes experience stress, guilt, and separation anxiety, and worry about how their children will handle being away from their parents. But you can take comfort in the many studies supporting the long term benefits of high-quality … Continued

The Importance of Social Interaction for Kids

Social interaction, whether with adults or peers, is a learning experience for young children. An encouraging, responsive setting provides infants, toddlers, and older children with the opportunity to develop creativity, language skills, social awareness, and confidence. Fostering social skills prepares children to function well in society and enjoy healthier relationships throughout their lifetime. Good manners, … Continued

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