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Take a Summer Visit to the Zoo

Summer break is finally here, providing the time, weather, and opportunity to have some fun. It’s also the perfect chance to bond as a family, search out new experiences, and take advantage of unique learning avenues. We are fortunate to have a really terrific zoo right in our own backyard. The Buffalo Zoo first opened in 1875 and is the seventh oldest zoo in the country. Every year, approximately 400,000 visitors enjoy a day of exploring and learning about wildlife.

Educational Outdoor Activities for Kids in Buffalo, NY

The zoo is wonderfully kid-friendly, offering a wide array of interactive programs and a truly educational and eye-opening adventure. As children tour the facilities, they encounter not only an exciting diversity of animals but also their different habitats, new words, and concepts. Grandparents, siblings of all ages, cousins, friends, and everyone else can enjoy spending time together, start fresh conversations, and make memories.

A trip to the zoo is the perfect time to stress the importance of protecting our environment. Conservation, animal care, and the impact humans have on the welfare of the animals are valuable lessons. The Buffalo Zoo includes large enclosures encompassing streams, pools, trees, and all sorts of representations of natural habitats. The fully enclosed Rainforest Falls exhibit is designed after the habitat within the Amazon basin and includes a two-story waterfall, colorful birds, squirrel monkeys, vampire bats, giant river turtles, and so much more.

At the Buffalo Zoo, you’ll find species from all across the globe, including some of the most exotic and endangered wildlife. Your child will make new discoveries, get some fresh air and exercise, encounter new words, and engage in a multi-sensory style of learning!