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Our Kinder-Readiness program promotes a lifelong love for learning new things, and prepares your child for formal education. At Watch Me Grow Daycare Center, our graduates are not only ready for kindergarten but gain key problem-solving skills, self-esteem and confidence. Designed specifically for children four to five years of age, our Kinder-Readiness classrooms are outfitted with language, reading, art, dramatic play, science, manipulatives, blocks, sand/water, and music centers.

At Watch Me Grow Daycare Center, we take a unique and personalized approach to learning

Unlike the majority of Pre-K’s in Western New York, we encourage curiosity and foster creativity through fresh and customized curriculum. Each and every day, our little ones engage in language, science, art, math/cooking, music/movement, and large/fine motor skill activities. By increasing frequency and length of structured and semi-structured activities, we prepare children for your school district’s Pre-K screening.

Assisting your child with engaging opportunities to excel

At Watch Me Grow Daycare Center, we complete Pre-K evaluation testing at the start of the year and review findings with parents. Identifying strengths and weakness allows us to personalize curriculum to best serve your child’s needs. Teachers re-evaluate throughout the year, monitor progress and keep up with any necessary adjustments. The integrity of our Kinder-Readiness program is consistently proven as our graduates perform exceptionally well on kindergarten screening tests.