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Working From Home During the Pandemic & How We Can Assist Parents

In an effort to minimize the spread of COVID-19, many schools have transitioned to online learning at home. In addition, more parents are working from home. Any change in routine can be stressful for both kids and adults, creating new challenges for families.

At-Home Schooling Support in Cheektowaga, NY and Western New York

Caring for children and handling education at home, while also working, can be difficult. It’s helpful to explain the why of the situation to your kids and also make them aware of the daily plan during this time. Let them assist in organizing a schedule and display it somewhere visible. Don’t forget to include breaks for lunch, snack time, physical activity, and to interact with each other. While the whole family being at home might present some issues, it’s also an opportunity to connect!

A good way to start the day is to get dressed and have breakfast at a normal time. Assign areas where everyone can accomplish their task list productively, effectively, and without distractions. Although older children and teens are able to focus for longer stretches, young children do best with twenty minutes of concentration on class assignments interspersed with ten minutes of exercise or relaxation.

Make sure to include your own work hours on the schedule, so the children realize when you’re available to them. At the end of the day, enjoy dinner together as a family and fun activities, such as reading, playing a game, or watching a movie. Take a few minutes to discuss the next day and follow normal bedtime routines. Keep in mind a good night’s sleep is still important to you and your children.

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Here at Watch Me Grow Daycare Center, we remain available to you. We encourage you to give us a call at (716) 656-8050 for helpful information and assistance. Understanding the obstacles facing parents in these trying times, we offer a classroom at our center where kids can work on school assignments. Whether or not you’re working from home, we provide a trusted and reliable resource during the pandemic. We remain parent-focused and continue an uncompromising commitment to keep your child safe and happy.