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Why is Sticking to a Routine Important?

Our days tend to follow a consistent pattern. We usually get up around the same time every morning, order the same style of coffee at the same shop, and wash the dishes after dinner. The routines we create for our children play a significant role in their development. Regular activities that are completed at the same time and in the same manner each day translate into comfort and a sense of security for young children. Whether it’s the scheduled time for a nap, snack, story, or when a loved one arrives home, being aware of what happens next provides stability. Kids become confident that their needs will be met. This allows them the freedom to explore, learn, and be active.

Stick to a Well-Established Routine

A well-established routine earns trust and instills a feeling of control. Anticipating requirements minimizes the number of necessary behavior corrections. Since your child can predict expectations, you’ll need to say “no” less often. They’re aware they need to brush their teeth before storytime or clean up their toys before snack time. Routines guide actions toward the desired outcome, which promotes health and safety. Children follow constructive and responsible behavior. They learn to hold hands and look both ways before crossing the street. Repetitive patterns teach the rules that protect them.

Daily routines aren’t just a series of tasks. While getting dressed, taking baths, washing hands, and mealtime are everyday actions, there are all sorts of possibilities for learning and development. Repetition and stability offer the chance to encourage curiosity, social skills, communication skills, self-control, and confidence. Whether you count the steps to the car, choose between red and green apples at the grocery store, take turns selecting a book to read, or wait in line at the post office, children learn important skills. Don’t forget to enjoy those everyday and ordinary routines and don’t hesitate to make them a fun way to learn!