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What is a Sensory Bin And Does Your Child Need One?

A sensory bin is a tub or box filled with sensory items or toys. They could include toys that squish, make a satisfying sound, or simply feel good to play with. The purpose of a sensory bin is to give your child a place to enjoy an open-ended tactile experience. There is no goal with the items in the bin, only opportunity for exploration!

What Goes Into a Sensory Bin?

There’s a lot of satisfaction that comes from sensory play. It can be very soothing for your child to simply run their fingers through sand or scoop some dried rice. You can place a wide variety of objects into the sensory bin, but the most important thing to remember is safety. Make sure the items in your bin are taste-safe if your child has a tendency to put things in their mouth. You should also take care to avoid choking hazards and anything that might pinch. You’ll want to select a storage container or any container that will minimize the mess that the items inside can create. You can also add measuring cups, scoops, small shovels, or any other tools your child may enjoy using.

Sensory Toys Provide Essential Enrichment

The important thing is that they explore the contents of the bin at their pace. Through this exploration they can develop important skills such as pouring, scooping, spoon skills, and even math skills like measuring and estimating. Unlike educational toys that give your child a task or ask a question, a sensory bin is freeform. This gives your child the chance to use their imagination and to develop their motor skills. You can even set rules with the bin to minimize mess, which can help develop their self-control.