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Ways to Support Language Learning Development for Toddlers

Language skills are one of the most important parts of your child’s development and it’s never too early to get them started on the path to success. Today we’ll be sharing a few tips to help support your child’s language learning abilities. Some of these tips may seem simple, but they are meant to address your child’s foundational skills. Simplicity is key when first starting out with any skillset.

  1. Point to people and objects and name them aloud: For example, if you see a tree, point to it clearly and tell your child it’s a tree. This may even prompt your child to become curious about their surroundings and begin pointing to things they don’t understand. These are great opportunities to help your child learn about the world and gain new vocabulary.
  2. Connect gestures to words: You can use gestures and hand signs to give your child a secondary way of remembering words and communicating effectively. You can use descriptive gestures or you can even teach your child ASL, if you want to learn it or know it.
  3. Start Up Conversation: Though your child may not be ready to discuss the finer points of philosophy, they have a lot to say. Ask them about their day, their favorite activities, and what they’re up to while they’re playing. Listen closely and help them if they get stuck, but try to let them struggle their way to expressing themselves.

    Language skills begin to develop in childhood, but they’re skills that everyone can improve upon throughout their lives. Starting your child off on the right foot is key.