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The Importance of Family Time

The hectic schedule of modern life makes it easy to overlook the importance of spending time with our children. From birth to adulthood, children thrive on attention from their parents. Our time is one of the most beneficial things we can offer them. The positive effect of personal interaction is huge, impacting social and emotional maturity, creating strong bonds among family members, and contributing to happy children.

Spend Time Together

Kids who participate in family activities build confidence. Feeling appreciated by their parents gives them a sense of self-worth. And remember that these ventures don’t need to be expensive. Playing a board game, taking a bike ride, or decorating the home for the holidays are the perfect opportunities to create emotional ties.

Studies have indicated that families who participate in group activities enjoy stronger emotional bonds and more easily adapt to changing situations. From sports, games, and hobbies to books and movies, devoting your time decreases the risk of children getting involved in unsafe behavior. The National Center on Addiction and Substance Abuse found that teenagers who only rarely sit down to family dinners are nearly twice as likely to use alcohol and twice as likely to use tobacco.

How Family Time Builds on Your Child’s Wellness

Additionally, family time is the perfect opportunity to share your views, ask about your child’s day, discuss concerns, and encourage open communication. By being present and supportive, you foster an environment where your child feels comfortable talking about anything. This can include helping with schoolwork, studying for tests, or working on school projects. Kids learn by example. When you place value on academics, your children will too. You’re also demonstrating good manners, kindness, compassion, patience, sharing, taking turns, and behavior that will help them in relationships their whole lives. Plus, you get to enjoy your child’s company too!