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The Benefits of Positive Feedback

Is your two-year-old already speaking in full sentences? Does he or she know all of their colors and many of their letters? Is your three-year-old counting to ten? It’s very natural to be proud of your child’s accomplishments and you may wonder if he or she is showing signs of a gifted child. You might even consider having them tested.

Encourage Your Children With Positive Reinforcement

The truth is, every toddler is gifted in their own way. Some kids have a talent for coloring while others demonstrate athletic ability. If your son or daughter is achieving speech milestones early, has an extensive vocabulary, and is a quick learner who retains most of what he or she sees and hears, those are indications of a gifted child. However, testing isn’t necessary and they are sometimes limited in their assessment, targeting memory or focus while missing other things entirely.

Regardless, it’s extremely important to stimulate and encourage your child’s achievements. Find ways to build upon their talents and interests with positive reinforcement. If your little one shows an affinity for letters and words, read books together at bedtime, naptime, snack time, or in the bath. If he or she is good with numbers, play counting games. For your miniature athlete, try physical activities to improve coordination and balance.

The key is to figure out what your child enjoys and support their efforts with positive feedback. Be specific and use praise to teach your child how to think and talk positively about themselves. Reassuring feedback teaches them to feel proud of themselves and encourages them to continue to improve. Recognize that your child will likely not be naturally gifted in everything, but they will learn, gain confidence, and love the attention with the help of positive reinforcement.