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Should Kids Play in the Rain?

Kid in the RainThe spring season is well-known for rainy days. Kids tend to get cranky when kept inside and denied much needed exercise. But guess what? You don’t need to worry about your children getting sick when they get wet. A healthy diet and regular exercise routine creates a strong enough immune system to defend against even severe weather. You simply need to dress children properly. Keep the head warm and the torso dry with waterproof hats and raincoats. Boots are a good idea too, but any sturdy footwear is sufficient. Just makes sure everything is washable.

When you open up the exciting opportunities of a rainy outside world, the kids will immediately begin stomping in puddles, drop leaves in water, stir up mud with sticks, dig in it with their hands, find worms, and get dirty. They are getting exercise, having fun, and learning the joy of nature at the same time.

Give Children the Chance to Explore in All Seasons

Testing slippery paths, avoiding deeper puddles in favor of more shallow ones, and maintaining their balance is building knowledge and good motor skills. The sound of rain hitting different types of surfaces, the size, frequency, and feel of the drops, the taste of rain on the tongue, and even smell of the wet dirt engages the senses. Enjoying the rain provides a first-hand opportunity to learn more about water, where it comes from, how wind affects the direction, that water finds its own level, and more. Kids can watch a rain gauge fill up and notice how water runs off rocks but is absorbed by the soil.

Being exposed to the difference between a light rain and downpour encourages wiser decisions about safety and protecting items that may be damaged by moisture. Plus, kids need fresh air and sunshine. Even on those rainy days, the sun is still there, providing essential Vitamin D. While weather is often considered a barrier to playing outside, it’s actually a wonderful opportunity to introduce new types of play, understanding, and exercise.