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Preparing Your Child for Kindergarten with Fine Motor Skills

Kindergarten is a major milestone for children and it can be the beginning of a lifelong love for learning and making friends. Preparing your child for this critical time can help them grow up with confidence so we’ve put together some simple skills you can teach your child to get them ready.

Sharpen Their Motor Skills with Reading and Writing

Though we may not think about it very often as adults, we utilize our fine motor skills quite a lot throughout the day. Every time we hold a pencil or type on our computers, we’re exercising our motor skills. Your child may be expected to be able to hold a pencil or crayon when they start Kindergarten, so getting them started early is a great way to prepare them. You may also want to expose your child to a keyboard and touchscreen as well since they are often used in everyday life and educational settings. Helping them write out their name on paper and on the computer can also help them with their reading skills.

Simple Practical Skills are Important Too

Another great way to help your child strengthen their fine motor skills is by letting them dress themselves. Things like learning how to operate a zipper or button up a shirt can help them a lot. You can also teach them to tie their shoes. Other ways you can help your child develop their fine motor skills is by letting them use a spoon and fork, washing their hands, and operating doorknobs. A fun way to help them learn could be working together to make simple jewelry by placing beads on a string.