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How to Prepare Your Child for Reading

Reading is an essential skill that we use every day. You’re reading this sentence right now! When it comes to your child learning how to read, you may be wondering how they can get started and at what age they should be reading words and sentences.

For most children, reading really picks up in the first and second grades. By then, most children can sound out words and read sentences. Though that may sound simple, it only comes after a strong foundation of learning letters, sounds, and other language skills. Thankfully, it’s never too early to begin preparing your child to read. Here are a few ways you can strengthen their language skills no matter how young they are:

  • Reading a picture book together and helping them match the word to the picture when you say it aloud.
  • Learning songs and singing them together.
  • Playing reading games together.
  • Letting your child explore books and guiding them through words and pictures that they’re interested in.
  • Finding words that rhyme and having your child repeat these words. You can even make it a game.
  • Pointing out signs and words when you’re out and about together.

Any activity that you can do with your child that strengthens their language skills will help them on their journey to reading and more.