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How to Make Virtual Learning More Productive

Some kids have no problem with virtual learning. Sitting and focusing for hours comes naturally. But for many others, virtual learning can be a challenge. Kids can quickly become frustrated with technology, find it difficult to concentrate, and struggle to complete assignments. Whether they have issues getting started, paying attention, or holding still, there are ways to help.

Tips for Productive Virtual Learning with Children

All kids are unique and various strategies will work for some and not others, proving effective one day and not the next. Here at Watch Me Grow Daycare Center, we’ve come up with some tips to share and hopefully, make virtual learning an easier and more rewarding experience for you.

  • Plan your workspace – While it’s nearly impossible to avoid all distractions, you can set up a quiet area, away from television, video game consoles, shelves of toys, and any devices not required for learning. Wearing headphones allows kids to hear their teacher without exterior noise distractions competing for attention.
  • Seating options – Some kids are content at a desk or table. Others might do better sitting on the floor, on a cushion, on a bean bag chair, or even lying down on their tummies. Maybe your child prefers to stand up. Feeling comfortable helps with focus and productivity. Consider adding some options to your workspace.
  • Something for their hands – Kids often fidget. Keeping their hands busy with a rubber band, pencil toppers, velcro strap, piece of yarn, or something that provides tactile engagement decreases anxiety and allows for better focus.
  • Rewards – A sticker, new pencil, additional playtime, or any other type of reward for focused behavior provides motivation and positive feedback.
  • Allow breaks to move around – There are all sorts of fun exercises, from jumping jacks to dancing, that help to alleviate excess energy, boost mood, and increase focus during learning time.
  • Pin the Teacher – Google Meet and other virtual learning platforms allow guests to “pin” focus on one person. The teacher will then be the only person on screen, eliminating the distractions of peers.
  • Snack time – A balanced breakfast is important for energy and focus. Hungry kids get fidgety and inattentive. Make a healthy snack available that your child can reach for and eat easily.
  • Take a break – Your child might need more breaks from the screen than offered by the teacher. Even a couple of minutes away from the screen, playing with the dog, taking a quick walk, or putting together a puzzle can be a big help.

While we’re all still getting used to the new “normal,” Watch Me Grow Daycare Center is here for you and your child! Please contact us today if you have any questions about our offerings.