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How to Make Learning Fun For Your Children

As a parent, you want to offer your child the best possible learning opportunities. Learning doesn’t need to include a classroom setting. Your child doesn’t need to sit still. While preschool games are lots of fun, they also teach valuable life skills. Kids can enjoy playing with you or their friends and gain knowledge and abilities that will promote a successful life as they grow.

Check out some popular games and the many rewards they provide:

  • Duck, Duck, Goose is always a favorite. It’s also a great opportunity to foster strategic thinking. The kids sit in a circle while one child walks along the outside perimeter, tapping the top of each head and saying “duck.” When the child chooses a participant as the “goose,” he or she then runs around the circle, attempting to sit down in the other child’s space before getting caught. If he or she manages to successfully take the seat, the “goose” then takes over tapping the “ducks.” This simple game encourages the kids to consider who to choose as the “goose.” Selecting a child who isn’t paying attention increases their chance of success. They learn to plan ahead and receive immediate feedback on their choices.
  • Musical chairs is another popular game that teaches kids to resolve difficulties, accept disappointment, and learn patience. Chairs are typically placed in a circle, with one less than the number of kids playing the game. As music plays, the children walk around the circle. When the music stops, everyone attempts to occupy a chair. Whoever is last to sit is out of the game. Another chair is removed and the game begins again. There is always some frustration at being left out of the game. Children must practice patience and work out any disagreements over who arrived at a chair first. An adult can help to resolve conflicts peacefully and ensure that those kids who are no longer involved in the game maintain a positive attitude and perhaps cheer on their friends.
  • Simon Says helps children to learn to pay attention to instructions. One child directs their friends through a variety of actions by telling them, “Simon says.” They can ask the children to tap their toes, rub their belly, or any other fun action. As long as the direction is preceded by “Simon says,” everyone follows along. Anyone who repeats the motion without the required “Simon says” is out of the game. Children realize that if they don’t listen closely, they will be the only one performing the action. They are motivated to pay attention to the instructions. Plus the child who leads the activity must plan ahead.

Another major benefit of games such as these is the fact that none of them require extra materials. Children can either use themselves or materials found around the home (such as chairs). If you’re looking for more ideas to keep your kids entertained while also teaching them beneficial skills, please don’t hesitate to reach out to Watch Me Grow Daycare Center. We are always happy to help!