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Harmful Side Effects of Overly Dry Air

When the temperature drops and it’s time to start up the heater, chapped lips and static shock are the inevitable signs of winter. However, they’re also the first signs of overly dry indoor air. Your child’s health is significantly impacted by air quality, and proper humidity levels are essential in keeping the immune system strong. While we all complain about summer humidity, we tend to overlook the lack of it during the long months of chilly temperatures.

How are children affected by lack of humidity?

Children are especially affected by seasonal changes. They are more susceptible to humidity-related health concerns. Asthma symptoms tend to spike during the lowest monthly average of relative humidity. Overly dry air has also been linked to dry skin, scratchy throats, nosebleeds, coughing, higher flu risks, and eczema.

Dry air draws moisture from the nearest source, which is typically our skin. Dry air also dries out nasal passageways and dehydrates mucous membranes, increasing the risk of illness and aggravating allergy symptoms. Insufficient moisture in the air makes it more difficult to breathe comfortably, disrupts sleep, and makes the air feel colder.

Solutions to Low Humidity Issues

You might be tempted to turn up the thermostat, which can actually make the problems worse. It’s recommended to keep indoor humidity levels between 35 and 50%. Be proactive. Whole-home humidifiers work with your existing HVAC system to introduce moisture into the air. They provide an even level of humidity from room to room, starting up automatically and creating a more comfortable and healthier home.

Effective humidification helps children to breathe easier and even gives their body’s immune system protection during the dry winter months. It’s also a good idea to make sure kids stay hydrated. Dry air outside will continue to have an impact, even if the indoor air is maintained at the proper humidity level. Drinking plenty of water is important at all times of the year.