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Can Exposure to Germs Actually Be A Good Thing?

Children under the age of three can be expected to catch between six and eight colds a year. They are exposed to viruses for the first time, and their inexperienced immune systems simply aren’t able to kill them as effectively. And since younger kids aren’t bothered by a runny nose, the virus often ends up on their hands, clothing, and toys. The virus can survive for thirty minutes, creating an unfortunate opportunity for the next child who touches the infected surface and then rubs his/her nose to catch the cold.

Keep Your Children’s Immune System Strong!

We all want to keep our children as healthy as possible, and it’s always the right time to start implementing strategies to boost the immune system. The stronger the immune system, the better the ability to fight off viruses, infections, or illnesses. There are approximately 20 million reported cases of flu every year, with eighty percent occurring between November and April, so building a strong immune system is crucial.

Exposure to germs may help kids fight off illnesses in the future!

It may come as a surprise that kids actually benefit from exposure to germs, building a greater defense against illness, allergies, or other autoimmune diseases. Microbes come from everything the child comes in contact with, starting at birth and continuing throughout their lifespan. The wider the exposure, the more extensive the variety of microbes. The gut is home to the highest concentration and diversity of microbes. Research has linked a healthy gut to a healthy immune system, and a healthy gut relies on a healthy microbiome. In other words, sheltering kids from germs isn’t always the best strategy.

Letting kids play, explore, and get dirty not only keeps them happy, but keeps them strong and healthy. Along with a good night’s sleep and proper hydration and nutrition, skin-to-skin contact, lots of hugs and kisses, and playing outside in all types of weather are keys to better health.