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Be a Role Model of Generosity

The holidays tend to put us in a giving mood. From words of encouragement to giving away homemade cookies and donating to charity, generosity gives back a warm feeling. The “givers glow” is what it’s called when we do something nice because we light up inside.

Share Some Generosity this Holiday Season

According to researchers at Stony Brook University, the brain releases chemicals when we’re generous, creating a sense of peace and joy. This inner happiness isn’t strictly connected to giving gifts. You can be generous with your time, praise, and skills as well. You’ll feel good, enjoy a better mood, and transfer this magnanimity to everyone around you. Plus, charitable people tend to live longer and experience less stress.

A study performed by Carnegie Mellon University determined that those who volunteer for just four hours a week are 40% less likely to suffer from high blood pressure. When you consider that stress has been directly linked to a long list of chronic diseases, a benevolent lifestyle is also a healthier way of life.

Resisting the pitfall of selfishness and focusing on others is a great way to learn more about yourself. It’s the perfect defense against depression and the ideal way to lead by example. You certainly want to teach your children to be generous. Even small acts of kindness, like letting someone go ahead in line, are learning opportunities for kids. They do what you do, not what you say. Remember that giving doesn’t necessarily involve spending money. Paying attention to other’s needs, being emotionally available, stepping up as a helper, and acting as a role model help children to grow up to be giving adults.